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« am: Oktober 14, 2022, 04:21:03 »

How to write a diary of undergraduate practice: an example of design
In the last year, each student must undergo a pre-diploma practice , where he will receive practical skills and abilities in his future specialty, and will also be able to collect the necessary empirical material for a graduation project.
Using the theoretical knowledge gained within the walls of the institute or from free essay writer no plagiarism service, and having shown himself at the enterprise from the best side, the student has a chance to be accepted for a vacant position.
As a rule, this type of practice takes 8 weeks and requires careful work on the creation of a report that includes a diary and characteristics of the curator and supervisor of the practice.
Goals and objectives of undergraduate practice
In each more or less voluminous educational work at the university, goals and objectives must be listed. What applies to them in the preparation of undergraduate practice.
The key goal is to apply the knowledge that was obtained in the course of practical activities from service. The list of the main tasks includes carrying out activities aimed at this, studying the work of the organization and self-development in a professional way.
Requirements for the design of the diary for undergraduate practice
The diary of undergraduate practice does not require many skills to fill it out. You just need to carefully read what is indicated in the template that is issued at the department and enter the necessary information. Also, when filling out the diary, a single style of speech should be observed.
  • You to use phrases that are generally accepted when filling out documents: learned , found out , found out .
  • When describing your activities, write: researched in practice , revealed a pattern , tested a hypothesis and similar ones.
     When filling out the diary, you need to indicate some points:
  • type of practice;
  • the name of the educational institution;
  • the name of the organization where the practice is carried out;
  • course and student group;
  • Full name of the student and the head of the practice of the educational institution, indicating the degree, the head of the practice at work.
Carefully study the structure of the diary and fill it out in accordance with the rules of the university.
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« Antwort #1 am: Oktober 19, 2022, 02:43:50 »

The first and most important condition is the structure. An article by the Higher Attestation Commission cannot be a chaotic essay on a free topic. Regardless of the pay someone to write my paper discipline, the issues covered and other parameters, the material should contain your name, annotation, introductory part, research data and conclusions.
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« Antwort #2 am: Dezember 09, 2022, 11:11:55 »

    How to write a conclusion report on the student's internship
    In conclusion, the student draws conclusions about the entire practice passed. The main results of the analysis carried out within the framework of the report are presented here in the order in which the sections follow. You can seek help from custom writing papers service for your conclusion report. This paragraph collects all the conclusions of the chapters - but just copying them is not entirely correct, it is better to rewrite in other words.
    In addition to the conclusions on the analysis (description of the industry, base of practice, department), the student can post his impressions in the conclusion - whether the practice was useful in his professional development, what new he has learned over the past time. There may also be a small amount of constructive criticism - what would be worth changing in the internship procedure so that it becomes more useful for both the trainees and the enterprise itself. If a student saw some opportunities for improving the work of the department with help of a site to buy argumentative essays, this can also be written about (in pre-graduation practice, such remarks can lay the foundation for a chapter with the development of ways to improve the efficiency of the enterprise). Unreasoned statements should be avoided.
    You cannot write: "I did not like the practice", you can write: "If the practice was not limited to visiting the accounting department, but an excursion was conducted throughout the enterprise, including production shops, this would have allowed to form a more holistic picture of its functioning."
    Applications in the practice report
    It is difficult to give an example of a practice report that does not have attachments. All applications can be divided into two categories:
    • Mandatory accompanying documents.
    • Appendices supplementing the text of the report.
    The first group includes the trainee's diary and feedback from the place of internship.
    The diary is filled in by the student himself, and the manager from the enterprise signs.
    The diary is a short account of the internship by day: in one column the date is indicated, and in the other - what the trainee was doing that day.
    As a rule, you do not need to describe in detail your actions and their results, it is enough to briefly indicate the lesson, for example: "Studying regulatory documents", "Helping a marketer in preparing for the exhibition."
    In theory, a thesis proposals hould be written by the head from the practice base, but usually entrusts it to the student himself.
    It is preferable to receive a favorable review indicating that you have fulfilled your duties conscientiously, but you should not overestimate yourself (especially if you are known in the department as a negligent student).
    Additional applications can be:
    • Large tables, diagrams and drawings (taking a whole sheet or even larger format).
    • Enterprise reporting (accounting, management, statistical).
    • Constituent documents.
    • Job descriptions.
    • Internal acts of the enterprise.
    • Developments (lesson plans for teaching practice, sketches and layouts for the practice of a design student).
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