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Lighting is more important whatsapp number list almost any other piece of equipment, but versatile lighting designed for video professionals whatsapp number list  can be cumbersome and expensive. Why not create your own DIY ring and save some money? Let's start! This tutorial is also available in video form here: What is a ring light? A ring light is a simple device. It is a series of light sources (usually LEDs) arranged in a circle. They are most often used as a light catcher – a way to draw attention to the character's eyes and evenly illuminate their face.

You can use them for anything you whatsapp number list , but they're particularly suited to fill- lighting tasks, as they can fill in dark spots in your scene. You can see this light reflected in my eyes: make your own youtube videos diy led ring light Ring lights are especially good for YouTube vlogs or makeup tutorials, where the presenter is talking to the camera. YouTuber David Woutersen explains in more detail in his “What is a Ring Light” video: What do you need This DIY project requires a few components, but you can easily modify it to use the supplies you have. make your own youtube videos diy led ring light You will need:

1 x circular frame 1 x 5m RGB LED whatsapp number list Kit 1x clamp That's it! The circular frame is what you'll attach your LED lights to, and the clamp is needed to secure your light to a stand, tripod, or camera. This project can easily be done for less than $30, and you'll need basic tools and supplies like scissors, paint, a soldering iron, and solder. make the frame This framework is the most important part of the project. Without it, you won't have a way to attach your LEDs, and you won't be able to attach your light to anything else.
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