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CS: GO WINGMAN – game features, maps and all useful information
How to make money in CSGO.
Creating entertainment content.
This method is suitable for creative people. Create your own website where you can publish interesting articles about the game or open a video blog where you will broadcast game sessions. Through the donation services, viewers support skill players who comment on the gameplay in an interesting way, with large sums. Of course, in this method a lot depends on popularity, which can often be obtained only by playing esports competitions in CS: GO. If you decide to go the way of a web developer, then you should study the topics of SEO and SMM promotion.
CS: GO WINGMAN – game features, maps and all useful information
Participation in tournaments.
Thousands of CS:GO esports events take place all over the world, and large cash prizes are awarded annually at most competitions. Of course, it is difficult to get to the tournament: you need not only to be a first-class player, but also to be in a team of the same professional gamers. Having embarked on the path of esports, you need to prepare for the fact that you will need to give not only all your time, but also buy the appropriate accessories: an armchair, a mouse, a keyboard, a powerful computer. But professional players not only earn by participating in competitions: you can play CS: GO matches for real money.
Earnings in this way are the most profitable – often the prizes are of impressive size, and in addition to the organizers, the players and their teams are supported by sponsors. Even in case of failure or completion of a cyber-athlete's career, a former player will be able to broadcast his games and receive donations from fans. To start this path, you need to train a lot, become a member or captain of the team and constantly search for tournaments on the Internet.

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